Lucy Mueller Photography


Please click on the Portfolio link to see the different things I have photographed over the years.

I have five different album.
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“City Views” contains unique views of Chicago.

“Slice of Life” includes things humorous, off kilter, and the trappings of life.

“Dualities” photos were taken through windows, of reflections, by using double exposure, light painting, toy cameras, and through digital blending.

“Man vs Nature” is something we all need to think about as our planet changes.

The "Easter Bunny" photo is part of my "Inanimate Lives" album. Caught this "bunny" taking a break from the park district's hectic Easter Egg Hunt.

"Inanimate Lives" focuses on toys, dolls, kitsch, the world of children, including stops at roadside attractions.

I hope you enjoy my views!
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Lucy Mueller